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Our Mission

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We want you to
in your skin.

Beauty comes from within.

You define your own beauty on your own terms.


Without a struggle to be perfect.

Without boring beauty standards.


Just us, every single one of us unique and beautiful, here to express our joy and live our life.

It's simple, really.

We strive to keep our products:




And we do that by following our rules

100% natural ingredients

no parabens

no toxins

no irritants

no bulls***

no plastics

no hidden ingredients

vegan ingredients only

no artificial perfumes & colorings


We're here to build a community of skincare lovers that want to FEEL GOOD.

All products are made with love and years of expertise by biotechnologist Teja Urankar.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I loved nature and all its possibilities. I used to make healing balms with my grandmother, learning about herbs ever since I could remember. So even though I spent almost 10 years in a chemistry lab, I'm obsessed with nature."

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