10 important reasons to choose natural cosmetics

February 22, 2019

In this article, we give you 10 reasons how choosing natural cosmetics will benefit you and our planet. Over the past few years, natural cosmetics have become very popular and searched for, and we'll tell you why this is so.

NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE: natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are unfortunately not well defined. But at Butter Be Kind natural means that all ingredients used are, in fact, natural, derived directly from the plants. It has been proven that antioxidants derived from plants provide strong protection against aging and environmental conditions. In addition, there are amazing polysaccharides in plants that moisturize and nourish a variety of fatty acids that can be found and derived from plants.

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: no toxins for your body and the environment

Around 70% of what we apply to our skin gets absorbed, which means that often also ingredients get absorbed, that are chemically derived, irritating, or even toxic, sometimes causing severe allergic reactions. Therefore our ingredients are derived directly from nature. Since the 1950s, when the cosmetics industry boom happened, more than 100.000 new chemicals have entered the market. They are being used in cosmetics and household products even though the safety of those chemicals has never been proven.

AWARENESS: you know exactly what you put on your skin

There's much less to worry about when using natural products—less probability for unwanted reactions and irritations. In addition, natural cosmetics are, in general, more likely to be understood by a wider audience and are more transparent in production.

NATURAL GOES A LONG WAY: long-term relationship with healthy skin

The cosmetic industry is always promising immediate effects (that don't last). With natural cosmetics, we bring our skin or hair back in balance the natural way for long-lasting results. Plants have the same cell group as humans, which means that our bodies recognize the molecules. Whereas quick-fix substances that are chemically produced are often not recognized by our body and don't work out so well in the long term.

RENEW AND REGENERATE: it supports the natural processes and regeneration of our skin

Many chemically derived cosmetic ingredients stuff the pores and make our skin 'confused.' The natural balance of the skin is distorted. When using natural ingredients, not only does it prevent it, but we also support it.

GOOD FOR EVERYONE: vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable

In natural cosmetics, there is no need to harm any other beings. Therefore, more and more natural cosmetics companies, especially organic cosmetics, use recycled or recyclable solutions for packaging. In addition, naturally, derived ingredients degrade rapidly in nature.

MINDFUL: it reconnects you with nature and your body on a different level

Using natural cosmetics makes us more conscious of our choices, what, how, and why we put something on our bodies. This makes us feel more connected to nature, our ancestors and their wisdom, and in the end, to ourselves as well. It makes us feel more empowered and authentic.

TRUSTWORTHY: no hidden ingredients

Natural cosmetics are regulated tightly. Especially in the EU, that means that all ingredients have to be declared, and there is a lot of honesty and transparency when it comes to products. It is true, though, that natural doesn't necessarily mean good. That's why we at Butter Be Kind strive to make this different and educate the audience in this area.


Natural cosmetics are unique in their formulation. Usually, the ingredients are carefully studied by their formulator and aim for the best result with the best ingredients. The founder and formulator at Butter Be Kind always look for balance in formulations, making the products gentle, simple, yet effective for everyone. Formulations are different and more powerful because they carry the personal note of the formulator – just like a particular dish in a restaurant holds the personal note of the chef.





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