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Super Soft Oil
€ 36.90 EUR

''When you touch the body butter (fyi, it's not just for babies), it's like touching a cloud. It's super gentle and makes a thin protection layer on the skin.''

Ljubljana, Slovenia

’ve been using BBK for years now — first for me and then for my 2 babies! I cannot recommend them highly enough. We’re especially in love with their baby cream.

San Francisco, California

After using the body scrub, the skin is soooo soft, and it doesn’t dry out the skin as most of the other scrubs. I can really highly recommend it.

Vienna, Austria

Butter Be Kind

We believe in nature.
We believe there's beauty in simplicity.​

We are here to create products that inspire and empower you to embrace your uniqueness.

Our formulas go beyond the traditional beauty and skincare standards. Every ingredient that we use is carefully studied and tested before using it.​We are committed to only using the best natural ingredients, even for the most sensitive skin types.